We Exist To Make Great Stories Greater!

Why are we special

We are working to solidify our roots and consolidate using our skills with intelligence
and experience and harness them to build our own world in the world of production, so
that our work appears in a unique way.



Jether is specialised in making TV commercials. A 30sec-2min video that carries a story and delivers a message in an outstanding quality.


We transform messages and ideas into visual motion within a few minutes. We make a premium quality video. We take the viewer into the journey where thoughts can be delivered as its finest.


The realistic experience we give to the viewer screening the reality. It reveals facts and real-life events on the highest possible level.

The company approach

Jether seeks with its ability to adopt the best tools and knowledge to produce with creative concepts. 

We specialize in producing high quality media advertising and films, and we strive to present work in the most innovative  and creative ways that delights the viewer.


Client meeting & briefing

We are always looking for a creative concept. After we receive the request ,we evaluate the concept then we meet the client to discuss the project and breakdown quotation.


Director treatment & input

Where the journey actually starts by creating the script and the storyboard . The directors analyze the project in detail and go through every scene.


pre-production & schedule

It is where the cameras are not rolling yet. The PPM pocket is made where everything is dated and scheduled.


production and filming days

The fun part when the cameras are finally rolling. This stage can be the shortest part in the process keeping in mind the communication and collaboration is a key for success in the production phase.


post production

After the first scene is filmed in production, post-production begins. At this phase where the specialists add their magical touch and all the excitement to the film. It’s where the music is composed, the effects are added, the editing and titles are finalize .


Final video and adaptations

Where we put everything together to show the final piece of the project .The video is ready to be presented to the client and distributed through different mediums in many forms.